Going Hormone Free || One Year On The IUD

TW: Mentions of blood, sex and mental health. 
I'd recommend not to read ahead if you are sensitive to these topics.

The pill. Condoms. The implant. Dental dams. IUD. Injection.

Contraception is something we are all brought up conscious of and is important to understand, not only to prevent surprise pregnancy, but for your own health and wellbeing too. 

There are currently more than 10 different types of contraception available to women, which you can read more about here, or alternatively find services near you here. In the UK, there are clinics where you can drop in and speak to someone about the different ones available and which ones are suitable to your body and health.

Having tested various methods of contraception through my teen years, in 2017, I decided that I wanted to take my body back to basics and go as natural as possible to allow [both my body and mind] time to recuperate.