Thrifty DIY || Culottes: Cropped to Shorts.

I think we've all been in that position where you've envisioned an outfit in your mind, gone to try said clothes on and ended up entirely baffled over why it doesn't look half as appealing as your brain had originally made it seem. I did that today.

I'd had a burst of inspiration while I was out over the weekend and wanted to throw together this outfit for a concert I was heading to (I know, I only ever write about clothes when I'm going to a gig, I'm sorry). Only, it didn't quite look how I'd thought it would.

I've struggled a bit over the last couple of years in terms of personal style, fashion and finding my feet. 50% of that is due to the fact that I spend a large portion of my time in work uniform, so I've never really needed to think up outfits, and the other 50% is because although I might be 24 I am still figuring out where I am and who I want to be. A lot of that manifests through my style and appearance, as I spoke about in my post My colour is my confidence.


The outfit I had pictured were these cropped culotte trousers that I'd picked up from the charity shop a couple of months back, paired with a tied-up band tee and converse. Typically, my outfits tend to range from skinny jeans or jogging bottoms; meaning that the culottes themselves are pretty far out of my comfort zone but thanks to some of my fave fashion folk, I figured I'd try them.

I absolutely adore the print, it's what originally drew me to them. They're still neutrally coloured, but they're also pretty daring. They're out there, they're different, they're a smidge of rock and roll. I think the thing that threw me off was the length, for some reason - no matter how many times I've tried them on I just can't get along with them.

I've toyed with the idea of re-donating them several times and for whatever sake, I've always kept them. So, why not play around and see what me and my little pack of tools can come up with?

This one seemed pretty simple. They're high waist already so grabbing my scissors, tweezers and stitch picker; away I went. I decided to turn them into shorts, because high waisted shorts are always cute and this print would just pop. I was originally going to stitch them up with a simple, smooth cut along the bottom hem but then I got to distressing and I think I made the right choice!

I've added a little video of my process - the video itself isn't great (sorry!) but I thought I'd try a little something different for this post and show you what I did. Hopefully it at least does that! If you'd like to see more of my DIY's, I'm happy to work on making my set up better and using a proper camera/software, etc.

I love the final outcome, honestly. They melt my heart a little bit.

Once they've been through the wash they will tatty up even more, which I'm thinking will look even more fabulous. They can easily be dressed up or down, which I love because I'm really trying to diversify my wardrobe. I don't tend to keep pieces if they don't get worn frequently.

What do you think? Do you ever DIY your own clothes, would you like to see more?

With love, until next time
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  1. I love what you’ve done with these, you’ve really made them your own! I wish I had the confidence to take a pair of scissors to my own clothes haha! Don’t put yourself down over the video either, it works really well and you can see exactly what you’re doing which is the hard part with crafty / creative stuff! Lots of love ❤️