An emo's natural habitat: Slam Dunk Festival '18

This is going to be my eighth year at Slam Dunk Festival, it's basically a tradition now.

And yet, until this week (Slam Dunk is now 2 days away), I've barely even given it a proper thought. I've not yet decided on what outfit to wear, I have no idea which stages I'm going to be visiting or who I'm actually going to be watching.

So I thought I'd write up a little blog post to do just this - with you!

Each year I've been at Slam Dunk, it has been completely different. Whether it's the acts, the location, the people I'm there with. Every single year I've loved it.

The atmosphere is absolutely incredible. Anyone who's an avid concert going will know just what I mean - to be stood in the middle of a crowd, all watching that same band you adore, singing their lyrics back to them and all just being completely in sync. It's the one day every year that Leeds is filled with folk who just want to have a good time, and it's wonderful.

I've never been to a weekend festival (eg, Leeds Fest or Download) but I can only imagine that they feel it 10x over.

Taking another peek at the line up, here's a handful of folk I've picked out that I think are fab and that I wouldn't mind making time to see:

The Skints
- it's only fairly recently that I've actually started to get in to this kind of music, I stumbled across them when I was on a music spiral on Youtube and the world of Reggae/Ska pulled me in, but The Skints are one band I'm determined to make sure I catch at Slam Dunk. 

Taking Back Sunday 
- a throw back and a half, if ever there was one. This choice is definitely the nostalgic vibe. I saw TBS a couple of years back when they played Slam Dunk and also before that when they played one of the Leeds venues. If you don't sing along to Cute Without The E, who are you and what scene do you belong to? 

Jimmy Eat World 
- I suppose this is a little bit of a throw back, too. Jimmy Eat World are one of those old school pop punk/rock bands that everyone seems to know of. They're in movies, clubs, etc and it's a real feel good kind of vibe, so I'd love to see what it's like to dance around to them live with a beer in hand! 

- Typically, I'm not really into the heavier side of alternative music anymore. But having friends who are still very much into it, I know I'm going to have to compromise at some point. Northlane are a band that I've actually heard of before through friends and I've found myself really enjoying dancing around to them as part of the Slam Dunk 2018 Spotify playlist. Their music is a mix of heavy/metal vibe with an electronic vibe (think Shikari - who I L O V E), so no doubt I'll love them live, too. 

- Of course, being me, I've got to throw in some shouty pop-punk too. So here they are! My pick would probably be Broadside because I've been listening to them for probably around a year or so now and haven't yet had the chance to see if they're as good live. I'm hoping they play their song "Coffee Talk" because I'll actually know the lyrics to that one! 

I think it's pretty obvious (if you've seen the lineup) that I've missed out a big portion of Slam Dunks' talent in this list. Including Good Charlotte, PVRIS, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, State Champs, Four Year Strong and Knuckle Puck. Those names alone, all together, make for an amazing experience - but I'm going to be super petty and say that even though some of these are my favourites I probably won't be seeing them this year. This is because Slam Dunk North have moved one of their main venues to The Arena - which is so far out from the rest of the festival and just makes it so awkward getting in/out.

It's a shame, really. I'm really gutted to be missing them, but I can only hope there will be more chances to catch them in the future!

Other than the ones mentioned above, I'll probably spend my day floating between the outdoor stages and bumping into any friends I see along the way.

Onto the clothes! 

I'm really not someone who plans out a bunch of options (I'm sorry). The weather here fluctuates so much that I could plan a gorgeous jeans-tee combo and I would end up roasting in 24+ heat.

However, there are a few little rules that I tend to stick to which is: stay comfy, stay moveable (is that a word? manoeuvrable?) and wear sensible shoes. If you're going to be at a festival, or even just a concert, you need to be able to move around and dance without fear of being restricted by your clothes or a chance of loosing your shoes once the crowd starts moving - yes, this has happened before. I once had to travel back from Manchester with no shoes on my feet, long story.

A lil' thrown together example of something I'd wear:

Top: Motion City Soundtrack band tee (rock and roll, always), tied at the front. I actually found this in the charity shop near my house for just £2! Bargain.

Skirt: Another fabulous charity shop find, originally from Primark. This skirt is actually floor length with slits up either side but, due to the lovely weather, I tied it in the back and front to make this super cute and casual mid-length skirt.

Shoes: A classic with the Converse, not likely to slide off while dancing.

Accessories: Black sunglasses, lots of wristbands and bracelets (including my Slam Dunk bands from previous years), array of chokers and polaroid camera.

And that's pretty much my Slam Dunk Festival all set! I just can't wait to grab my wristband and dive into the fun now. A pitcher of Woo Woo, anyone?

Are you headed to any of the three #SDF dates this year? What bands would you like to see?

Until next time my Wilde souls,
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  1. I love this!
    The pictures are fab too, the more the put practice in the more confidence you’ll gain so don’t worry too much. Hopefully I’ll see you at Slam Dunk this weekend, I haven’t been in 5 years!

  2. This is such a festival look babe! You look so good! Hope you're having fun at Slam Dunk, it looks so good so far from what I've seen on socials. I hope you're having the best time and are your fabulous self!
    Kinga xx