5 Magickal Self-care Habits

I think everyone can agree that self care is important. Some days you need it more than others, some days curling up in your covers and mindlessly floating though a series on Netflix or spending hours drawing is just what you need to do to rest and reset. I myself know this all too well, with dips and spikes in my mental health being ever present (especially over the darker, colder months). It's vital to make sure that you're taking time for yourself.

This counts for witches, too. 

Sometimes we get lost amidst day-to-day routines and piles of work, we misplace our spiritual habits and it really can cause a shift in surrounding energies. Although witchcraft may not be something you practice 24/7, it can be helpful to remember to realign yourself every once in a while. Or perhaps you're not that into witchcraft as a whole, but you'd like a little more magick in your daily life?

These tips may clash with things you already do as part of your self-care and that's great, it makes it easier for you. But some of them may be passing habits that you've forgotten to pick up for a while. So here's my top-5 magick infusing practices for self-care:

This may seem really obvious, but a lot of us often get so tied down with work that we forget to take notice of the outside world and the simplest changes of the seasons. I know I have often (especially recently) locked myself up in my house or my university library and completely neglected the benefits of simply getting a breath of fresh air. If you can, try to take regular breaks to go outside - sit on the doorstep in the morning and have a cup of tea, or take that slightly longer route to walk through a park on your way home. I like to go for a walk through the local park with my camera, usually turning my phone off (or just the notifications) while I'm there. It's amazing, the things you can spot when you're giving your attention to the way the trees whisper to each other, or the animals that're scurrying around the bushes.

I have a couple of stones in particular that I cycle through when it comes to carrying them on my person - it can sometimes depend on what I'm doing during the day or perhaps just how I'm feeling at that moment in time, sometimes even just a crystal that calls to me in that instance. Carrying the gems with you will help them bond closer with your energies and help amplify certain qualities and feelings depending on their properties. Try wearing one as a piece of jewellery or keep it inside a little pouch in your bag.

Tarot can be interpreted differently for everyone; whether it's for predictive purposes or meditative readings to open your mind to current situations within your life. For whatever reason, if you're drawn to the tarot deck, make it a regular habit to connect with them. It can be a simple single card pick or a complex draw, letting yourself open up and truly think about what the cards are showing you can be really beneficial to your well-being.

Again, this might seem fairly obvious as we all get baths and showers at some point. But to make it a little magickal, try running yourself a ritual bath with a purpose. You can use it for almost anything; cleansing negative energies, aiding relaxation or even to help with sleep. The way I like to do it is to simply run the bath as usual, but add some salts and flower petals/herbs in as it's running, each depending on the type of spell/ritual I'm aiming for. I'll also place several crystals around the outside and a candle or two, too. You can also cast a circle, call on your preferred deities or work with a spoken spell if you'd wish.

This is definitely one I've struggled with recently, and it's to keep up with reading and learning, experimenting with new paths and interests. This helps you to not only understand new things, but switch off from the outside world for a while and submerse yourself in your Craft. I tend to get my witchcraft (and related) books as gifts for my birthday and Christmas as I know they can be quite expensive. But I've also found that The Works are stocking some amazing little books for between £2-£5 to get you started, including one on Sacred Crystals and one on Meditation. Of course, you don't have to spend a lot of money to learn (unless, like me, you like to keep the physical books for reference). All you need to do is pick a topic that interests you (eg, the star signs, herbs, crystals) and just google it! There are plenty of wonderful websites and resources online, as well as a bunch of amazing bloggers who talk about it, too. If you want to make notes or journal about the things you're learning, you could consider creating a Book of Shadows/Grimoire to relate back to when you need it.

I know for me it can be difficult to do to so many things around a busy schedule, so picking even just once and sticking with it until it's ingrained into the routine can be helpful for spiritual growth. The Craft doesn't have to be a terribly long-winded part of your life that exhausts energy. It should be something you look forward to and enjoy as part of your self-care routine.

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