A Summer-time Witch: Bleach London - Awkward Peach

If you read the post My Colour Is My Confidence or you've been around my social media a while, you'll know that I've always been fond of vibrant hair. From ombré, streaks, dip-dye or a full head of colour - I've had almost all of them.

Over the last few months (maybe 6-9 months or so), I've been leaving my roots to grow out and only dying the bottom section of my hair with colour. This was due to the awful build up of dead, frizzy hair and the absolute state I'd let it get in to from the years of damage and constant dying. It really, really needed some time to recoup and regrow from fresh.

With that said, the absolute need to dye my hair and have a confident, colourful style for the summer was slightly overwhelming. Straying slightly from the Directions La Riché colour pots that I usually use, I decided this time to lend my hair to Bleach London. 

With a little scout on Pinterest, I'd pinned a couple of colours I was interested in - seeing as my hair was already in the cooler spectrum, I had planned on having a mixture of purple and pink. Yet when it came to grabbing dyes in Boots, I saw "Awkward Peach" and quite literally had to have it. To cut a long story short, I have new hair!

The dye itself was a lovely, easy application. It was a very soft mixture, packed with conditioner to keep your hair feeling fresh (even with frizz as bad as mine!) and covered my hair really nicely. Unlike the Directions pots, I didn't need to mix this up and dilute it to make it last, because you actually get a fair amount in one pot and I didn't worry about running out. 

Leaving it on for around 20 minutes, I achieved a fairly even coverage of peachy hair with hints of rose pink - and it even smells nice, too. I've had it on for a couple of days now and with two washes it has faded quite a bit. The pink has mostly fallen out and left the rest of my hair a cute orange/peach colour, which is expected because the bottle reads 2-10 washes. I think I'm definitely going to be using Bleach London again, but I may experiment a little with adding flashes of pink from a different brand to make it pop/stick a little longer.

I'm now a somewhat peachy-pixie for the summer and I love it.

With love,
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  1. Loving your peachy pixie look, it really suits you and (like you say) it's perfect for summer! I love how you've been doing your eyeliner lately as well, the little dots just add so much, I wish I had the skill to do my eyeliner as well as you!

    Abbey 🌸 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  2. I love it :D it's such a pretty shade! Im currently debating going for a darker blue but am stuck at a funny shade of a fading not blue/green or grey haha!

    Michelle x

  3. This peachy colour suits you so much and I absolutely love the shade name. I love that this is also so different to directions I might have to give the brand a try x

    Kayleigh Zara www.kayleighzaraa.com