Motivation + Blog direction

For a little while, I've been talking about making my blog more *personal*, a little bit more me and a cut-the-bullshit kind of place to be. I want to be able to spill my mind without fear of it just not fitting or being judged for it. Then I realised, this is my website, this is my space, I'm a writer and that's what I'm going to do.

Is it so 2008 to still edit photos like this? I don't really know, but I like it.
For the past couple of weeks, I seem to have gotten myself into a rut. Between getting a job (or rather my old job, back?! - Yay!), panicking over my university work and just feeling pretty meh about my mental health and everything else going on in my personal life, I feel like I've been running on auto-mode.

Have you ever just felt so bogged down, that all you seem to do is eat, sleep, work, repeat? 

Ever had so much to do, but instead you just wanted to sit in a pile of blankets and not move until you really had to?

There is so much that I have wanted to be doing over the last few weeks, such as; blogging, creating and generally just being more productive. But I don't seem to have had the oomph to actually get up and do things. Some people may ask whether it's a mental health thing, whether it's you're-too-busy thing or maybe just a lazy-can't-be-arsed thing and I think it's a mix of all of them, but realistically the question I'm asking is:

Where has my motivation gone?


Hello new friends and readers!

I just wanted to make a quick introductory post, just to say - welcome, and thank you for checking out my new blog.