Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Mindful Musings | A Catch-up, Christmas Is Coming

Hey there, wild souls. It's been a little while since I've written on here - how have we all been?

For me, the last few months have been a rather chaotic mix of amazing, terrifying and completely inspiring, all at once. I've been through a lot of rather personal life moments - from a change in friendships, to a roller-coaster in terms of my own body and mind (more to come on that later this month). I've almost finished my first semester at university and I'm so proud of the projects I'm working on for that and elsewhere, too.

But in amongst all of the madness, Halloween came in and slipped away from me - something I was insanely upset about (I was only briefly able to celebrate Samhain, I intended to write a blog post but it was all too late by the time I had a moment to sit and gather my thoughts) - and now Christmas is coming, too. 

I've often said how, being a student with a part time job, I struggle year on year to get into the spirit of Christmas. I don't know why - but I never really feel "Christmassy" until a couple of days beforehand. 

After seeing this tweet earlier in the week, and spending the weekend seeing how my friend Scott and his family prepare for the season, I've found a lot of clarity in embracing the festivities and just letting it envelop me. I think all I needed to remember is that Christmas isn't just about giving big extravagant gifts. 

It really is about seeing and appreciating people for who they really are. 

It's about spending a little time with loved ones, making the little gestures such as watching their favourite festive movie, baking some cookies or going on a walk and talking about how things have changed over the last year. 

A couple of my favourite Christmas memories include heading out with my Dad to pick out our tree and spending the weekend with both of my parents, decorating the house. They include writing heart-felt cards for my friends and getting creative with personalised gifts.

The cheesiest shot but, after decorating his staircase with lights - I was sat playing with the remote camera viewer on my phone when I snapped this photo (snazzy)!
This year I want to make sure that I'm spending some time celebrating not only on the actual day, but in the weeks leading up, too. Reach out to those friends you don't often see to let them know you're thinking of them, or nip round to your siblings house and share that afternoon Cuppa and biscuit.

Obviously these things aren't just restricted to Christmas, but I feel like a lot of people (myself included) get lost in the spending at this time of year and forget to just sit back and enjoy the season for what it is. 

Dance in the lights, sing Christmas jingles and cosy down with your favourite movies. Spread happiness and joy. 

With love,

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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Oh where the Craft would take me (UK)

Finding myself more immersed in my Wiccan studies as of late, I've been fascinated in learning about influential places, sites and grounds that hold a connection for Witches alike. Keeping it to the UK, this list is just a couple of the places I've noticed and become somewhat drawn to - A bucket list for my spiritual travels.

Photo of the Stonehenge circle, found from this lovely Pinterest post

1. Stonehenge.

Getting the really obvious one out of the way first: Stonehenge is a famous heritage site and with wiccans, druids, travellers and the like gathering at almost every Sabbat, it's fairly common knowledge as one of the most iconic spiritual grounds in the UK. Built up of towering stones, origins entirely unknown (though many have speculated), the monument is one of the most visit places in the UK for witches to enjoy the solstice celebrations and moon phases. 

Saturday, 1 July 2017

A Summer-time Witch: Bleach London - Awkward Peach

If you read the post My Colour Is My Confidence or you've been around my social media a while, you'll know that I've always been fond of vibrant hair. From ombré, streaks, dip-dye or a full head of colour - I've had almost all of them.

Over the last few months (maybe 6-9 months or so), I've been leaving my roots to grow out and only dying the bottom section of my hair with colour. This was due to the awful build up of dead, frizzy hair and the absolute state I'd let it get in to from the years of damage and constant dying. It really, really needed some time to recoup and regrow from fresh.
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